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The Right are out in force, commenting on the Christian Aid report. I wrote this in reply on the Spectator blog this morning:

There's always an excuse for greed. Ample are on display here.

There's always an excuse not to do the right thing.

There's always an excuse to walk on the other side.

You clearly know them all.

Christian Aid is taking a bold and courageous step. It is choosing to walk with those who need tax revenue to build states free of corruption; to build representative democratic systems; to uphold the rule of law; to close the tax havens where corrupt rulers put their money in western owned banks.

It's saying tax provides sanitation and education and roofs over heads. Things that every parent wants for their child. It's saying that representation is not possible without taxation. We know this is true.

It's not saying this is the only problem in the world.

It's not saying this will solve every problem in the world.

It's not saying all tax systems are good.

It's not saying all governments are good.

It's not saying all companies are bad.

It's certainly not saying there's anything wrong with profit.

But it's saying there is a choice to be made here. A choice between paying tax or not. Of manipulating the system or not. Of using a tax haven, or not.

It's pointing out that this is a choice that literally has life and death consequences.

The comments made here seem to deny that this choice exists. Christian Aid is recognising the reality that it does and its implications. And it's saying that because this choice is real, is being made and has these consequences it's wrong to be in denial about it.

It seems that almost all commentators here are suffering from that denial.

Why is that?

Richard Murphy FCA

Disclosure: I contributed to the Christian Aid report.