Bankers facilitating tax evasion

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J?©r?¥me Turquey has a fascinating blog on a German television documentary where a reporter asked a number of banks if they would help move illicit funds in Liechtenstein to a Luxembourg bank. As he notes:

The adviser of the first bank praised the high standards of safety of the country which allowed anonymous placements with numbered accounts. This adviser even proposed the discrete transfer of the money from Liechtenstein to Luxembourg.

The adviser the second bank specified that the bank had great experience in the field and that there was nothing to fear coming from its head office.

The adviser of the third bank was more careful, informing the factitious clients of the risks on bleaching but presented the various means possible to place money without paying tax.

The adviser of the fourth bank refused to advise the customer

And who says banks don't help tax evaders?

As J?©r?¥me notes:

The documentary is perfect implementation of Lucien Thiel's doctrine: that's to say:

- It is not our duty to control if the tax payer was honest,

- Banking secrecy remains : Luxembourg is not compelled to communicate its client's data.

That might be what Switzerland and Luxembourg say for now. I do not believe this will last.