The Sovereign Society

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I guess it's fair to say I have little regard for the US based Sovereign Society. It seems to me that the only thing they see as sovereign is greed. It's not a characteristic I find endearing.

It looks like the feeling is mutual. They've just done a newsletter referring to the planned hearings by the Treasury Select Committee on OFCs. They say:

Committee MPs said they wanted to look at "offshore financial centers." They wanted to investigate whether these jurisdictions "threaten financial stability," transparency for U.K. tax purposes and their impact on the U.K. tax collections, among other things. The committee wants written evidence submitted by June 19.

Judging from the committee's list of slanted questions released to the media, they could have been drafted by kooky groups such as the U.K.'s Tax Justice Network or the sanctimonious preachers at Oxfam.

Pleased to oblige, is what I'd say in response. And honoured top be in such good company. Makes me think the UK's right wing are going to have all the harder task of presenting their case.

But there's one thing I'll agree with the Sovereign Society upon. They say:

In the meantime, if you're shopping for a place to set up your business, or invest globally, I would look outside the United Kingdom's rule.

That's sound advice. Guernsey and Jersey are going bust, for a start. That doesn't make them good places to put your money, or anyone else's come to that.