PKF Vanuatu: rotten to the core

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A partner in PKF Vanuatu has been arrested for blatant tax evasion being sold from that tax haven.

As Accountancy Age report it:

Australian Federal Police (AFP) arrested former Sydney accountant, Robert Agius, principal partner of accountancy firm PKF Vanuatu, on Sunday morning, for operating an offshore tax haven which allowed Australians 'in the higher echelons of business' avoid paying an estimated $A100m (₤50m) in tax.

A statement of facts lodged in Perth by AFP reveals that, for an establishment fee of $A8000 and an annual fee of $US1380, PKF Vanuatu would provide an Australian company or director with false invoices from an overseas-registered company that had a bank account in NZ.

I have to say, this follows a trend in the case of PKF, a firm for which I have little regard. But this same firm (and I don't buy the 'separate firm argument' - the substance is that this is one firm, whatever the legal form) is right here in the UK with offices in Alton, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Coatbridge, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Great Yarmouth, Guildford, Ipswich, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Sheffield, St Asaph.

Of course, they'll deny any link. But they can't. And for all those who say there is no professional systematic involvement in tax haven abuse, I'll repeat what I have often said: there is. It's a sad fact that so called professional people are core suppliers of corruption services.

And that has to change.