The offshore world – just a bunch of hired guns for sale

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As if to carry on the theme of the blog below this, I was amused when at Fort Lauderdale to note the composition of the panel who gave an overview of the Cayman Islands.

It was made up of a lawyer called Jane Wareham, very obviously English public school educated and who has been in Cayman since 2005.

Another participant was a barrister, Peter Broadhurst. He's been in Cayman since 1994. He is Canadian

An accountant, Kenneth Krys, made up the team - he's been there since 1991. I didn't actually work out his country of origin. Certainly not Cayman though. Nor the Caribbean from his CV.

Tim Ridley of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority is as English as they come, and was born and educated in the UK.

I note the Cayman head of PR is a Canadian.

They all talk about Cayman as if they're part of it, and always have been. They're not. I am more Irish than they are Caymanian. At least I have the passport but it would be absurd for me to really claim I am Irish. I didn't do so when I worked there.

If ever you wanted proof that OFCs are external exploitation of the legal space sold by tax havens to provide those states with an income stream, but which is wholly focused on activity really undertaken elsewhere, I think that this panel provided it.

No wonder the locals who clean their cars are annoyed.