Mitchell v Murphy

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The Center for Freedom and prosperity have long taunted me and the Tax Justice Network about my refusal to debate with them whilst they refused to disclose the sources of their income.

Then, when an independent party arranged the debate I agreed to participate, this week, and I've blogged what I said.

Many people at the conference told me Jack Blum and I won the debate - and that I beat Dan hands down on economics, even if they did not like what we said. It was good to have that said publicly in the concluding session of the conference by Lorna Smith, Director of the BVI International Affairs Secretariat - not an obvious ally of ours.

And as I said in that same session, the havens need to think hard before aligning themselves with the likes of the CF&P. No one outside the Heritage Foundation in the USA and its international spin offs takes them seriously, and they will do themselves a lot of harm if they seek to align with his cause, as at least one appeared to suggest they might. At a time when they need to win friends and influence people, about which I will blog later, the CF&P is the last friend they need, and Dan Mitchell proved it by completely failing to address the issue of their contribution to the global economy at this conference.

And now the debate has happened, the CF&P will depart this blog for some time to come, I suspect.