Cayman telling the truth?

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There's an interesting article in Cayman NetNews entitled Everybody's Business: Telling the truth about tax havens. In it the author says:

Let's do it. Let's tell the truth. It can't hurt us any more than the rubbish our representatives have been peddling all these years.

Our current politicians can't do it, because they don't understand the truth of how tax havens work. Our bureaucrats and spin doctors can't do it, for the same reason. Our Offshore professionals can't do it, because they don't understand how to go about influencing public opinion.

Is there nobody out there who can do what's needed and will volunteer to take on the job?

Here's what the job involves - in two short and truthful sentences.

First, tell the world who our Offshore industry's clients are. Next, tell the world what they do.

I suspect there is a lot of truth in what the author says.

But there's a very good reason why the truth will not be told: secrecy is the hallmark of a tax haven, Cayman included. No one there is going to break that.

And that's the truth.

Which means Cayman is, and will remain a problem.