Tescos Tax: Early Day Motion calls for reform

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I note that 31 MPs from a cross section of parties have signed the follwoing Early Day Motion in Parliament:


Mitchell, Austin

That this House urges the Government to investigate the reported use of tax havens by Tesco plc to avoid up to £1 billion of United Kingdom taxes on its property transactions; suggests that such tax avoidance schemes should be closed down by HM Revenue and Customs along with schemes for the avoidance of stamp duty and VAT avoidance on the sale of CDs and DVDs; and recommends that the principle on which tax is based should be that money made in the UK is taxed in the UK because the net effect of such schemes and accountancy fiddles is to erode the tax base and reduce Government revenues for spending on healthcare, education etc., thus forcing Tesco's customers to bear a heavier tax burden because Tesco is not carrying its share, leaving them with less money to spend at Tesco.