2020 promoting stamp duty abuse

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The 2020 group of accountants thinks it is one of the leading advisory groups in the UK on how accountants should run their firms. So look at its homepage. There down in the bottom right corner it says:

SDLT - Substantial Savings!

To make it really easy for you, click here for a template letter that you can send to your clients informing them of this scheme.

Click here for further details.

SDLT is stamp duty on land. It's charged at 4% in many cases. It raises almost £10 billion a year - about on third of Brtain's defence spending.

2020 say on their page promoting this scheme:

One of the schemes we like is the Orange Homes Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) planning, which saves 50% of the SDLT payable on property or land purchases of £500,000 and above. We are satisfied that the planning is non-aggressive and low risk and felt sufficiently confident to take up the scheme for ourselves and saved over £30,000.

There's more on the scheme here.

The language used is, in my opinion, offensive. It's this culture of tax avoidance that the Guardian referred to last week in an editorial. As they say:

paying a fair share of taxes is not an option but a duty.

Cheating in the way that the 2020 group is promoting is not good business: it's a basic attack on our society. Why do we tolerate a profession that allows such a thing to happen? How come anti-social behaviour is tolerated when it's done by people in suits?

How can we stop it?