Liechtenstein: You can always rely on the lawyers to be anti-social

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I note that Yahoo has reported that:

Two lawyers in Berlin on Tuesday brought criminal charges against German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck and intelligence agents for "embezzling" taxpayers' money by allegedly buying a stolen computer disc containing confidential data from the whistle-blower.

They said the informant had "committed a serious crime under Liechtenstein law" by selling the disc, adding: "The government does not have the right to spend money to enable a crime."

A legal representative for former Deutsche Post chief Klaus Zumwinkel, who quit last week after he was named in the scandal, has warned that stolen evidence is unlikely to stand up in court.

I find this quite staggering.

If evidence were ever needed that some lawyers see it as their role to undermine the populous democratic state by supporting the abusive structures created in tax havens which have the main purpose of facilitating corruption in those countries where most people in the world live, then here you have it.