Domicile: Time to really tackle the issue

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It's probably been obvious that I've had a couple of days remote from IT. The blog has been quiet.

I haven't been. I've spoken to a large number of journalists from the UK and abroad. Non-dom issues dominate. And as several have said, the coverage of this issue is becoming horribly biased.

Take the Sunday Times last weekend. Five articles addressed the issue. Together they covered about 2.5 pages. On the last 2.5 column inches I was allowed opportunity to be the only dissenting voice.

Well, I'm pleased I got a chance. But I know I'm not that isolated. Far from it, in fact. Knock out a self-interested group of UK based accountants, lawyers and property speculators who are petrified they will lose business and where is the noise coming from? Nowhere. That's the answer. We're not hearing from real people who are planning to go. As even the Sunday Times admitted, there's no evidence of increased applicants to English language schools in Switzerland. Even STEP find 95.5% of non doms are staying.

So why the biased coverage? And why aren't the right questions being asked? Because the press aren't being given the alternatives, I expect. As a result I'll be addressing the real issues over the next three days because we have the chance to tackle the non-dom issue now and I think we should embrace that chance to get rid of this rule forever.