Digby Jones – digging holes that get ever deeper

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Digby Jones is one of those people whose credibility I have always doubted. Let's be blunt: the guy always seems to talk before engaging his brain. When he has engaged his brain it usually appears to be in reverse.

Gordon Brown's appointment of him to the government looked like a crass mistake from the moment it was announced. I am sure he is deeply regretting it because, as the FT has reported:

Digby Jones, the trade and investment minister, has warned that plans for a tax crackdown on non-domiciled foreigners living in the UK threaten London's role as a world finance centre.

The former CBI director general broke ranks with the official government line in a candid interview with the Financial Times.

I'm sure the prime Minister now agrees with my opening paragraph. I hope he sacks him. Not least because however crass the domicile proposals now made are (and they really aren't good enough) what Digby Jones is saying through his comments is that the UK is not good enough to compete without giving state subsidies to those wanting to come here. And that's straightforward rubbish.