The rogue’s gallery

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Jersey has been recommended as one of the top three global financial centres by leading advisers and wealth managers in research conducted by Citywealth, it was announced on Tuesday.

Featured alongside the Cayman Islands and Guernsey, Jersey has been identified in the top echelon in Citywealth's annual 'Leaders List 2008' research.

The research involved numerous confidential interviews and recommendations from top-tier lawyers, accountants, trustees, private bankers, investment managers, senior representatives from family offices and other professionals involved in advising the world's wealthiest clients.

Fantastic! London's top-tier lawyers like a secrecy hideaway where their clients can avoid their obligations to society and undermine democracy by not paying their taxes in the places where their income arises. Let's all celebrate.

I'm not expecting to be invited as the after-dinner entertainment at the awards dinner on 8 May, but I'm open to reasonable offers. I assure you, I'd get the assembled company going....