Guernsey: Baracking for Hilary

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There's one thing you cannot accuse the Channel Island's of: they do not lack self interest.

Take this from 'This is Guernsey' in a discussion on who to back for US President:

As you would perhaps expect, those on the Republican side seem much more favourably disposed towards economies such as our own.

But, with a whiff of realism they then suggest a Democratic Party victory is likely, and continue:

The views of Barack Obama are clear. He was one of the three sponsors of the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act, a bill seeking to address a perceived annual loss of $100bn in revenues and worries about the secrecy of offshore jurisdictions.

This warranted a high-level delegation from Guernsey going to the US.

If Mr Obama is to be president, it is reasonable to expect such a hard-line approach to continue.

I agree with that analysis. But they continue:

The position of Senator Hillary Clinton is a little more difficult to assess. In 2004 she came out definitively against the use of offshore centres.

However, closer to home, her husband has significant financial interests in the Cayman Islands, a territory regarded much less favourably than Guernsey or Jersey.

Being so closely involved herself, effectively, in offshore finance may well soften her attitude.

So back Hilary they say.

I have to be honest: at least on this occasion they are being transparent.