Domicile: misinformation from the profession to protect the wealthy

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The Low Income Tax Reform Group has, according to Accountancy Age said that:

Migrant workers and foreign students could be the unintended victims of the changes to non-dom tax rules.

The claim that low-paid workers and students from abroad could find themselves caught in the complex and uncertain reforms of tax rules for foreign residents.

There are good things about the LITRG statement. For example, they seem to agree with my estimate that there might be 7 million non-domiciled people in the UK.

But unfortunately, their claim is erroneous and I have problems de-linking it from the Chartered Institute of Taxation position on this, which is to oppose change to the domicile rule. The CIOT backs the LITRG. The LITRG has said:

that informing low-paid migrants and students of the changes to tax rules would be 'a massive educational challenge'.

I simply don't agree. They just have to know that they won't affect them for seven years. That's long enough to do first degree, masters and PhD. How much more time does one need?

I am sorry to note that I think the LITRG is being used as cover here for a broader agenda, and I question whether that is appropriate.