Changes at HMRC

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Dave Hartnett, Acting Chairman of HMRC, has announced:

'We have created four, clearly defined operational director general roles of Business Tax (Melanie Dawes); Personal Tax (Bernadette Kenny); Benefits and Credits (Mike Hanson) and Enforcement and Compliance (Mike Eland). All have "end-to-end" responsibility for their areas.

'The Chief Operating Officer, Steve Lamey, takes on single accountability for HMRC's change programme, overall performance and business strategy

'Robin Roberts is seconded from Egon Zehnder as interim Chief People Officer to enhance the HR function and the People Leadership agenda. He will be here for six months and help appoint a permanent incumbent.

'Dave Hartnett takes on personal responsibility for Security and Business Continuity and Internal and Corporate Governance.'

That doesn't strike me as the act of a man holding a temporary role.

It does strike me as very Dave Hartnett. And the action of a man who might have been somewhat frustrated by the lack of clarity in his previous position.

I take it as good news.