Dennis Howlett on PWC and the Total Tax Contribution

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Dennis has waded into this debate.

And he can see no more merit in PWC's TTC than I can. As he put it:

[Do] PwC think we're all idiots? A year 1 CIMA student could work out just how appallingly illogical this argument really is.

The sadness in all this is that well meaning people are being hood winked by consulting brands that are intellectually bankrupt and thoroughly discredited in the wider context of CSR. But it matters not to them. When you're painting a picture of this kind, it is so much easier to sell GRC services tied to falsehoods around CSR. Especially if you can make the seductive, if entirely false claim that business tax is a cost of doing business.

One more nail in the profession's reputational coffin.

(NB, GRC = gross recurring fees, the regular income that all accountants look for as their bread and butter and which is what PWC are really seeking out of the TTC).