Blame Gordon Brown for England’s defeat

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I was one of millions to suffer agony and torment last night. No, I wasn't worried about the loss of a couple of data CD's. I was watching England lose at football.

Richard Brooks has the best analysis of this loss today. As he says, it's all Gordon Brown's fault we have so few good English players in the Premier League. Writing for The First Post he says:

why do overseas players now dominate? As the supposedly economically competent Gordon Brown would understand, it's because they enjoy a huge and unfair competitive advantage over British players. Tax rules allow foreign players to claim 'non-domicile' status and, with the help of clever lawyers, pay 40 per cent less tax than their British rivals on much of their income. Savvy clubs and agents aren't slow to exploit the gap: Treasury figures reveal 300 such 'non-dom' players.

And I suspect he's right. Unfair taxes undermine society at the end of the day, and football is just one area that suffers as a result. Brown is responsible for this.