Jersey’s not changed much since 1857

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I was amused to read this on the web site of Is this Jersey?:

Watchers of this excellent website might be interested to learn about a little Jersey history secret. Karl Marx visited Jersey twice, once in October 1857 and next in August 1879, a gap of 22 years in between. The first time he came over with Engels and stayed at 3 Edward Place, the Parade - there should perhaps be a plaque there.

Marx stayed in the Island for only 4 to 5 days that first time but Engels remained from October to November. Engels wrote to Marx during his stay, mentioning their friends the Chartist George Harney (a one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind, as they referred to him and his Jersey residency) and German socialist Conrad Schramm.

Engels wrote, for example :

There is a lot of amusement to be got out of this posthumous feudal set-up...and the whole mess is endlessly ridiculous.

Plus ca change!