How much evidence does Jersey need?

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The people of Jersey have rumbled what 0 / 10 taxation means. If most companies pay no tax in Jersey and finance companies pay half what they have in the past then to put it simply there is going to be a mighty big hole in their government's budget when almost half that existing budget came from taxes on corporate profits. And they've realised who is going to fill it - they are.

That's why 19,209 of them signed a petition against the imposition of Jersey's new Goods and Services Tax that comes into force next year at 3%.

Let's put this in context. There are 91,000 people in Jersey. Knock out the children (say 25%) and that leaves 68,000 who can vote. That means 28% of all adults on the Island signed a petition against this new law.

And that's when it's at 3%. At which level it will not stay.

Despite which the law was passed - because the States of Jersey was told "there is no alternative".

In the light of that ask one simple question: how long is this sustainable?