KMPG really said it – 2

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I noted recently one of the absurd claims made by KPMG in their recent report on tax and CSR.

There are more. Take this from paragraph 6.3:

Secondly, unlike most business arrangements, the payment of tax and the quantum of the liability are to a large extent not matters of choice. There may be circumstances where tax mitigation arrangements can reduce the liability, as discussed at 7.3 and 7.4, and in general companies will assess the benefit of investment decisions on a post-tax basis. Nevertheless, once a commercial decision has been made, in general specific tax results follow inexorably from it. While the commercial transactions on which tax arises may be influenced by CSR considerations, that influence is generally tax-neutral; the decisions taken will affect the company's fortunes for good or ill, and whatever the resulting profit is, the same proportion of it will be payable in tax.

Now if this is true whatever you do don't ask KPMG for tax advice because apparently there's nothing they think they can do for you, except send you a big bill.

It's either that or this document on tax and CSR might be, shall we say, just a little wide of the mark when it comes to representing the reality of the situation.

You take your pick. It's one or the other, and I know which one I believe.