What’s happening in the financial centres?

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Monitoring what is happening in Europe's finance centres is a near full time occupation. I've found a blog that helps. It's by a Frenchman called J?©r?¥me Turquey who describes himself as a Consultant in Business Ethics.

As he said in a mail to me:

I have created a Blog about financial havens in Europe where I analyse and compare legislation and what is actually implemented. I focus on Luxembourg, the UK and Switzerland that are major centers (amount of offshore assets) but I publish as well about Monaco, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein

Only official public information (legal, parliamentary, judiciary, administrative…) is used to tighten up the ship on management, governance and ethical issues. Documents that are not originally in English are translated.

This blog is in the framework of a course I have been asked to provide about financial havens in Europe (Master's degree in Criminal Sciences) and is intended to provide investor, companies head offices and regulators with information on what's actually going on beyond ethical statements and international assessments (FATF, IMF, GRECO, OECD).


I've had a look. It's good.