What is the BBC doing?

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Those who travel out of the UK on a regular basis will know that the BBC offers a commercial service available on cable in many hotel rooms. It's called BBC Worldwide.

My Tax Justice Network colleague John Christensen has been in Korea this week to speak to the Leading Group of Nations. It was good meeting.

But he was furious to find that the BBC Worldwide news was interrupted for adverts from a company called Ocra. Look at their web site. Why is the BBC doing promoting a company that promotes offshore companies, trusts and banking on its headline banner?

Just what is the BBC doing promoting activities designed to undermine democracy, the credibility of the world's tax systems and to ensure that the world's wealth flows from the poor to the rich?

I note the BBC has just decided to pull out of an environmental broadcast on the basis to might threaten its impartiality. Well so does this. Much more seriously, because spreading the supply of corruption services is unethical however you look at it. And taking cash in exchange is just about the poorest excuse that can be offered. That just makes you a partner in the destruction of society as we know it. Which is worse that simply talking about it.