The pleasure of blogging

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I've got to say one of the best things I've decided to do in the last couple of years was to start this blog.

I enjoy doing it; you may have noticed.

I'm pleased so many people read it. Anyone who writes enjoys knowing they're read and writing has been an essential part of my life since about the age of 8 when I learned to type on an old Remington that was portable if I could rope in the services of my twin (yes, I have one) to help move it.

And I appreciate the feedback and comment I get.

Take this as an example. I'd not have been corresponding with Martin Tittle in Ann Arbor, Michigan but for this blog. We still haven't spoken but over the last couple of weeks I've enjoyed an email conversation with Martin, and I'm truly impressed by his own web site, one I would not have otherwise seen.

It's worth a look for serious tax thinkers anywhere, but especially those from the USA. Anyone who co-authors with Reuven S. Avi-Yonah has got to be worth reading, but Martin seems to me like a really decent man too. It's that sort of contact that has been one of the rewards of blogging.

PS I am rather amused to note that Martin calls me a tax maven. It's an interesting term for someone who writes as much as I do on tax havens. But I'd have never thought of it.