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A former neighbour of mine sent me the follwoing comment after hearing Hecklers last night:

Enjoyed the programme this evening. However, depressed by attitude of most of the other contributors. Particularly sad to hear one member of the audience say that he had thought that all this 'ideology' nonsense in the way we are governed had been got rid of. I looked up the dictionary definition and found "the set of beliefs by which a group or society orders reality so as to render it intelligible". If he was really advocating this then God help us!

My friend is right. The person who made the comment from the audience was an American who muttered dissent and shot me venomous comments throughout the discussion. No doubt cash is his intelligible reality. But some of us think that's a wholly inadequate measure. I was rather pleased to see my former neighbour agreed.

Incidentally, it's curious that comments from the audience were more in my favour than against on the day, but that was not the case in the edit. Unlike John Redwood I won't be complaining of BBC bias.