Another response to Hecklers

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I thought it worth sharing another email I got with regard to Hecklers:

Crikey so that is what the mainstream thinks (well the city powerhouses). Could they not get some normal people on the panel? I presume that would mean less heckling hence no point…

A really tough format. You did well. (Was a bit shocked at the xenophobia / envy stuff - really strange place to end up….)

Yes, I was a bit surprised by that too. There's not one shred of evidence to support the claim. Rather interestingly, Julie Meyer who was on the panel happens to know of my successful career in the era, for example, and raised it none the less. I therefore took it as some indication that when argument could not be presented abuse would do instead, unless of course you were Tim Congdon who asked the same question even more times than were actually broadcast.