The UK ‘tax amnesty’: HMRC swing into action

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Accountancy Age reports that:

The taxman is preparing to launch enquiries into at least 100,000 taxpayers who failed to disclose off-shore bank accounts to HM Revenue & Customs under the off-shore disclosure amnesty.

60,000 made disclosures as part of the disclosure scheme. Insiders at HMRC said officials were sending out 3,500 enquiry letters a week to taxpayers who had not come forward during the amnesty period.

And they've said no one about whom they have suspicions will escape scrutiny.

Which is fantastic news. The profession did not believe they would have the nerve to do this. They were wrong, and I always thought that to be true. I've rarely seen HMRC bosses quite so determined. They hate offshore.

And if they got rid of the domicile rule their case would be made even easier. Because then everyone in the UK would be operating on a level playing field. That's called tax justice.