Who is the biggest of them all?

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Nigel Harris at AccountingWEB makes the interesting observation that E&Y, PWC and KPMG are all claiming to be the biggest audit firm in the UK.

To their credit Deloittes settle for the number 2 slot, by their own admission. In fairness, that pretty much matches what I'm gathering of Deloittes right now.

As for the others, as Dennis Howlett says, these claims are significant:

On a very strict interpretation, Nigel's analysis could be described as tongue in cheek but there is a more serious point. Under the ethics rules, you can be guilty of bringing the profession into disrepute if you make false or misleading claims. ...

I believe professionals have a special duty of care here because they are regarded as trusted advisors. They must therefore ensure that advertising statements are truly meaningful.

I wonder what ICAEW ethics committee has to say about this?

Actually, I'm sure they don't care Dennis. As I showed yesterday, they're asking less about ethics these days. Read indifference into that.