Falling out in Jersey

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The Chief Minister of Jersey has asked health minister Senator Stuart Syvret to resign. It has been reported that:

Six ministers are saying they've lost confidence in Senator Stuart Syvret to remain a member of the Council of Ministers. And Senator Walker agrees with them.

They want him to go because of comments he made in an email he sent to all ministers over the child protection row.

In the email Senator Syvret refers to the Council of Ministers as 'an obstacle and distraction'.

Senator Syvret has a habit of falling out with people. He's also sent a lot inappropriate emails to a lot of people. As you can see here, and here.

In my case he's also accused me and my colleague John Christensen of blackmail. On which there's more here, and here. But now he's been rumbled by his colleagues for the sort of behaviour he's been pursuing all year, it would be nice if the States of Jersey police made me a call to say that this has been recognised to be another of his wild, inappropriate and blatantly false accusations. Because it is.