Treasury Select Committee to look at domicile

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The Treasury Select Committee is to publish its interim findings on private equity tomorrow. This will not make recommendations: the committee has yet to hear all evidence, including that which I wrote for the Tax Justice Network.

But what is good news is that they are to ask for a progress report from the government on the domicile issue. As Nick Mathiason reports in the Observer:

It might be a contender for the longest ongoing government review ever conducted without reaching a conclusion. But now a powerful group of MPs will demand that the Treasury comes clean and publishes its four-year long investigation into the controversial non-domicile tax status that allows the super rich to avoid paying tax on the bulk of their income.

The demand comes from the Treasury Select Committee in its initial findings, unveiled tomorrow, from a high-profile investigation into the private equity industry. Its demand will prove embarrassing to the Treasury, which, under Gordon Brown, launched the non-dom review in 2003.

I am, of course, delighted. It's this blog that has helped put domicile back into the middle of the political debate. It's where it belongs right now. Much more than things like Arctic Systems do if ministers are really concerned about the fairness of the UK's tax system.

And I rather like the idea of being called to give evidence on the domicile issue as well.