From the other side

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Sometimes one has to look at things from the other side of the debate. recently published this guide to "International Privacy and Security for 21st Century Global Citizens".

To get some idea of the thinly veiled mentality of the offshore operator its worth reading this sort of thing every now and again. My favourite? Try this:

In a world in which privacy and security, whether personal or financial, are under ever greater threat, expatriates and globetrotters face major challenges in the 21st century. Although international mobility brings unique opportunities, it can also sometimes bring unique problems, and in this month's special feature we will be looking at services which can help you to protect your privacy both online and off, and measures that you can take to protect yourself against the multiplicity of threats to your security.

I've used the word "paranoia" more than once recently with regard to the offshore world. But it's easy to see why when you look at stuff like this. There are plenty more gems to pick from by the way.