Accountants think the domicile rules have to go

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Accountancy Age has reported the results of its survey on the domicile rules:

The non-domicile rules allowing wealthy individuals with foreign connections to avoid tax on offshore income are unjust and should be dropped, a poll of Accountancy Age readers has concluded.

When asked for their views on the controversial rules, which chancellor Alistair Darling last week implied he was keen on retaining, 56% of readers opted for the rule to be dropped, saying that it was unjust and that inequality was 'spiralling out of control'.

A further 10% said that, at the very least, a formal review should take place. The remainder said either 'these people are good for the economy' or 'it's a hyped-up row and there are so few of them it doesn't matter'. Almost 300 readers responded to the online survey.

The poll's results will feed the debate on the rules, after renewed criticism of them in recent weeks.

I welcome this result. It's heartening to see that there is a sensible core to the profession, which I may be guilty of underestimating on occasion.

Justice requires that the domicile rules go. If even accountants agree, what's the argument for retaining them?