CBI thinks domicile has to go

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I may interpret the follwoing generously, but I think the summary made above is a correct: interpretation of the follwoing, from the Times today:

Richard Lambert, Director-General of the CBI, yesterday called for a fresh look at the laws that allow more than 100,000 people to escape certain taxes by claiming non-domiciled status.

His comments coincide with a rapid growth in the number of people who are claiming to be non-domiciled in Britain and the growing controversy about tax inequality.

Mr Lambert acknowledged unease over non-domicile laws as he gave warning of the possibility of a political backlash springing from a "new capitalism" of private equity and hedge funds, globalisation and increased income inequality. He said: "An effective tax system has to be seen to be fair. There are questions though about non-domicile, but we need to know the extent of it . . . questions have to be asked but carefully."

I'm not saying when the CBI is on side our case is won. But it may help.