Jersey’s paranoia continues

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Jersey really does have a warped view of life. I guess it comes from it being a small island. But amongst the latest claims in the island's only newspaper, the Jersey Evening Press, is that:

Caruanan's alleged comments have been taken from a report by Accountancy Age which as some of us know is a publication linked to The Tax Justice Network

This comes from a comment published in the JEP on 7 July on this article in Accountancy Age on which I have previosuly blogged.

What is extraordinary about this comment is the state of persecuted mind that it reveals. To suggest that Accountancy Age is linked to TJN is to suggest that all the following are also 'linked' to us in some mysterious way, as all have featured comment from me or my colleagues of late: The Observer, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent on Sunday, The BBC, The BBC World Service, numerous US radio channels, countless US newspapers, Radio New Zealand and on, and on, and on.

Indeed, using the JEP logic, which seems to be that if TJN or I are quoted then the publication in question is 'linked' to us the paper most likely to be considered so associated in the world is in fact the Jersey Evening Post. I was in it on Friday and Saturday last week, at least. I am very confident of appearing again this week.

The truth is, of course far from the JEP view, weird that it is. That truth is that we're succeeding in raising issues which many are recognising as being relevant and worthy of discussion, or (worse still from the JEP perspective) action. TJN does not have an extensive media empire as Jersey seems to imagine. We're just raising questions about tax and tax havens that many people think are relevant. But Jersey can't see it that way. No doubt they will, in time.