Tax at the centre of the development debate

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For the second day running a really great article on tax from Africa. This comes from Jeremiah Owiti of the Centre for Independent Research in the Kenyan Business Daily:

In Kenya, it is time that tax policy in general and tax justice in particular are mainstreamed and addressed in national policy discussions.

This could be the key to sustained high economic growth rates required to lift millions of Kenyans out of poverty.
It could also be crucial to generating national political consensus, which is a necessary ingredient for building a nation in which all can live a life of dignity and opportunity, regardless of ethnicity, region, or economic class.

Such moves if guaranteed can generate overall national wealth and also we could witness sustainable development.

Read the rest of it too. It's good stuff. It's what drives those of us who work for TJN. It's hard for many in developed countries to see tax as a source of hope. Read this and you'll realise just how much it is.