Put domicile to the vote

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The UK's domicile laws are the subject of a Tax Justice Network campaign. They're unjust, help make Britain a tax haven, have fuelled the ridiculous price of housing in the South East in particular, and so are pricing ordinary people out of something as basic as a place to live, and are fuelling the asset stripping activities of the private equity sector.

Well, that's my opinion. Now you can express yours. Accountancy Age is organising a poll on the subject. The question is:

Should the rule allowing rich foreigners to escape tax on offshore income be dropped?

The options are:

Yes, it's unjust and inequality is spiralling out of control
Maybe - the government should launch a formal consultation
No, these people are good for the economy
No, it's a hyped-up row and there are so few of them it doesn't matter

You can vote at the Accountancy Age home page - look towards the bottom right on the him page. Please vote.