Said – of the Said Business School, Oxford

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The Said Business School in Oxford is home to the 100 Group of Finance Directors sponsored Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation. This says its aim is to:

The Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation is an independent research centre which aims to promote effective policies for the taxation of business.

Read between the lines. Effective means 'low tax'.

I was therefore intrigued to read this in yesterday's Guardian:

Panorama revealed that the Ministry of Defence specifically processed, and may still be processing, quarterly invoices for £30m to Bandar. It so happens that the head of the relevant MoD sales unit, Alan Garwood, is a former BAE executive. He reports to Lord Drayson, the arms sales minister, who gave Labour £500,000 within weeks of being made a life peer in 2004 and described himself as "entrepreneur-in-residence" at the Said Business School in Oxford. Wafic Said was Bandar's aide in negotiating al-Yamamah and is assumed to figure among its many beneficiaries. That Blair should have made Drayson political overseer of the Bandar payments cannot be a coincidence.

Not a recommendation, is it?