I can change my mind

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A week or so ago I recommended an article on the web site of SB Consulting. Well I'll tell you I regret doing so. This is what they have to say on domicile:

Successive governments have been only too aware of the economic benefits of leaving the tax code unaltered and there are manifold consultation papers quietly collecting dust as testament to this sitting on hands. Further, any government who voluntarily changes the law to remove the non-dom tax advantages will, at best, get no thanks from the moaning minnies who will move on seamlessly to another cause against which they can direct their envy and egalitarian drivel and, at worst, will bring the UK economy to its knees in a stunning act of hubris.

This is typical of the normal unsubstantiated nonsense that comes from most in the profession, semingly driven by contempt for society, government and those people who have to work for a living and who pay tax on what they earn. That's most of us.

As a result I have one question for SB Consulting: please prove your case that domicile is of benefit. I know you can't. It's not possible. But as the daily evidence of the harm of wealth inequality, private equity abuse and ordinary people unable to live in our large cities due to rising house prices shows, things like the non-domicile rule threaten the very structure of our society. That's not hubris. That's fact. And it is the real threat to our economy, about which I acre a great deal.

So I've changed my mind about this blog. It's just another example of a profession that ignores ethics and that exists solely to promote greed amongst an elite. Who are those who pay them, no doubt.