Happy birthday

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I guess it's fair to note that this blog celebrates a year of publication today. Since most fail after a few months I'm quite pleased about that.

So, some facts to mark the event:

- 666 stories have been published
- I estimate that's not less than 130,000 words (well over a good book's worth)
- There have been more than 146,000 page views
- Traffic now exceeds 20,000 page views a month, and it's increasing steadily
- The most popular theme has been the UK tax amnesty. Bono comes a close second. Jersey gets a good look in
- Over the last two days well over 500 of the total 666 blog entries have been read by at least one person
- Most people come to this site from Google
- Regular readers coming from email and RSS feeds are the next most common readers
- 40 blogs have linked to this site in the last six months
- I spend about 90 minutes a day working on this site and so far have not earned one direct penny as a result. Indirectly it is by far the best marketing tool I have and I have seen significant benefit from that, both in terms of work and awareness of the ideas I seek to promote.

Will I keep at it? Yes, undoubtedly. Which means I owe thanks to Dennis Howlett, who cajoled me into doing this in the first place.