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TaxAid is a UK charity that says:

TaxAid is a UK charity providing free tax advice to people who cannot afford to pay a professional adviser. The service is independent and confidential.

Then I read what was discussed at its annual conference as reported by AccountingWEB. Candidly, attacks on corporation tax reform, discussion of what are called 'managed service companies' and analysis of how to extract dividends from small businesses are not issues that seem to have anything to do with its remit, whilst if the following is meant to be charitable, I'm French:

On tax credits.....the ideal is to be a couple with a sole income of £32,600 and three children. Once again, the Chancellor's efforts to target a group (helping to abolish child poverty) have totally backfired, because the shrewd tax credit's claimant can manage tax relief of up to 96% on pension contributions, and thanks to the £25,000 income disregard milk the system for two years.

My faith in this organisation is evaporating.