Sarah Wykes – an update

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Following the report I made a week or so ago about Sarah Wykes' arrest, I'm pleased to post the latest update on her situation:

28/02/07 Cabinda, Angola : Global Witness employee granted permission to leave for Luanda but must remain in Angola to face national security charges
At about midday Angolan time, Dr Sarah Wykes was given permission to leave Cabinda and travel back to Luanda . She intends to do this today. She has been allowed to travel to Luanda on condition that she report to the police every two days. Permission has not yet been granted for her to leave Angola .
She has been notified verbally of the charges against her which involve an alleged violation of Article 26 of Angolan law relating to crimes against national security. Sarah and her lawyer have requested access to documentation relating to these charges and to any evidence against her but so far, permission has been denied.

Global Witness is relieved that she is finally able to travel and calls on the Angolan Government to allow her to leave the country and to drop the unfounded case against her.