Sir Mike Rake

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It always surprises me that Private Eye haven't coined a name for Sir Mike Rake of KPMG. The word 'muck' seems to substitute in there somewhat nicely to me.

Which would also fit well into Rake's new role at BT, a company whose attitude to tax and CSR I have heard explained on more than one occasion. Let me summarise my comments in response as being 'you don't seem able to relate these two issues'. Sir M should fit in well then. Not least for all the reasons that Dennis Howlett lists on his blog, which gave me the idea for my opening comment.

PS I'm sure Sir M is delighted that when his name is put into Google this blog comes up as one of the early offerings. But not as delighted as I am, because like Dennis Howlett I'm not convinced Sir Mike has paid the price for the muck his firm spread.