Why do Mastercard allow this?

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In researching 'Closing the Floodgates' for TJN I came across a number of web sites offering anonymous debit card accounts. Most (but not all) are Mastercards. Take this explanation for their use, for example:

Offshore Credit and Debit Cards provide an affordable solution to the need for access to funds held offshore in private financial institutions, accounts and the like, as well as a useful tool for travel.

Then this explanation of the offering:

The Mastercard Debit Card is valid at literally millions of ATMs and POS (Point of Sale) terminals worldwide (Wherever the Card Logo is Displayed) and will also work on the Internet for online shopping/purchases. Using this card, the owner/cardholder can spend only the amount that has been credited into the card account.

Transaction records are kept private & confidential.
No credit check, bank references or income verifications required;
Guaranteed 100% issuance policy with fulfilled ID requirements.
Available for issuance Internationally almost everywhere in the world**
Internet access 24/7, secure online interface;


Minimum Initial Deposit : US$ 50
Notarized Passport Copy
Recent Utility Bill
Completed & Signed Application Form
Fee : US$ 179.00 (includes initial $50 load)

I love that token compliance with the 'know your client rules' because thereafter the only obvious use for this card is to avoid identification for any purpose.

In the light of the evidence posted yesterday on the use of debit cards for tax evasion, why do Mastercard allow this? Isn't it time they were required to clean up their act and get rid of this sort of abuse?