Don’t shoot the messenger

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Some interesting feedback on yesterday's Jersey story. One person thought I was being unfair about the JEP's website until he looked at it. Then he saw just why I needed to reproduce the story in full.

The JEP have complained that I did so. I made clear that if they, as the sole supplier of printed news in Jersey deny access to stories to a wider audience I can use the reasonable defence of fair information. I am aware they do not agree, and I respect their right to differ whilst believing it important that this information be available, the alternative being effective censorship by the JEP on what was, anyway, without doubt a news release by a politician.

And an anonymous comment was posted here which said (to save you looking):

So you welcome Jersey going down the pan? Thousands out of work, out of their homes, massive social upheaval (a number of suicides, inevitably)..? Good for you for having your so called morals and conscience.. but what is worse, Jersey doing what it does (which will always be done by SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, no matter what) or destroying an island economy? Thanks a bunch for devoting so much of your life to trying to make mine so much worse!

Which just shows how wrong people can be. This will happen because of the actions of Senators Walker and Le Sueur. I don't want that stress for Jersey. I wish it were not, as I see it, inevitable. But it is. They are creating a failed economy. If ever there was a case of shooting the messenger, this is it. The commentator should, I suggest turn his fire on the Jersey hierarchy who have created this mess.

There are alternatives, of course. One would be joining the UK. Another would be joining the EU. Both might then give the aid that Jersey will need to get out of this situation. No one will whilst it remains a pariah on the world stage. All options will involve upheaval and stress. That though is what happens when you back a failed business model. John Christensen told Jersey that in the 1990s. They haven't forgiven him yet. But he was right then, and we are now.