Murphy v Walker – coming to a venue in Jersey

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On yesterday's Sunday Talkback show on BBC Radio Jersey Senator Frank Walker, the First Minister of the island (equivalent to prime minister was asked if Would face me in a head to head debate. When this opportunity almost arose in June 2005 in the States of Jersey (their parliament) he simply refused to attend, despite a request to do so from the States committee that arranged the meeting that he do so.

I wouldn't be surprised if this time he somewhat shocked his advisers by saying (near enough):

Any time he likes at any time of their choosing.

He then added:

Richard Murphy and the Tax Justice Network are dedicated to bringing the Jersey finance industry down.

TJN is concentrating not on London, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, the VI, Cayman or Switzerland but on Jersey. They want to destroy Jersey's finance industry. They want to destroy the tax receipts from that industry that pay for education and health and want to destroy all the local jobs that come from our finance industry.

So, any time of their choosing.

Well, let's hope that this time you don't chicken out Frank. But let me give you a little warning. We don't pick only on you. We're not happy with any of them. And when the time comes you'll have to do a little better than saying 'it's not fair' and 'don't pick on me - pick on him' when you know you're guilty as charged.