Sometimes people say nice things about you

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I've just realised I am in Accountancy Age twice this week. The second mention comes within the context of my considerable concern about the IASB's new proposed IFRS for small and medium sized enterprises, which I believe wholly unsuited for purpose for reasons I've already discussed here.

I'm amused to note that Accountancy Age say:

Vice-chairman, Tom Jones, told Accountancy Age criticism was levelled by 'pontificators'.

Sorry Tom. That's just not true. You should have been at the UN where most people were simply amazed at the arrogance of the IASB presentation and their obvious lack of willing to listen to the criticisms raised by almost all present, from both developed and developing countries.

I'm also pleased to note that Accountancy Age spoke to the EU. I made sure I did so at the UN. They're really not with the IASB on this one, and as I was told, neither they or any member country are under any obligation to adopt this IFRS. I think that might be a real shot across the IASB's bows.

But what did I really like about this article? Well, it was the contrast between being 'a pontificator' and the description Accountancy Age made of me as:

Richard Murphy, the campaigner

I can live with that description.