Quaker principles? Well, maybe not if you’re Cadbury’s

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I recently mentioned Quaker business principles here, which are something I know a bit about. So it was good to note that Accountancy Age have picked up the theme.

Lets set the context. Cadbury's (once one of the great Quaker companies) have lost a case with the Revenue in which they sought to Cadbury use a loan note scheme to turn its income into capital and then offset its gains against its capital losses. OK, the try on dates back to 1994 - but they're still litigating it. And as Taking Stock notes, this might not be in accordance with best Quaker principles (given that the proper name of the Quakers is the Religious Society of Friends of the Truth). The irony is that where did Accountancy Age learn about those Quaker principles? Why, on the Cadbury Schweppes web site of course.

How the might are fallen.