There are moments when the ICAEW shoots itself in the foot

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This morning I challenged the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales CEO, Michael Izza, to debate with me on the accountancy profession's attitude to offshore and tax transparency.

This afternoon he has blogged on the issue.

I tried to log in to comment. I used my membership details. And this is what happened:

That orange box says:

You do not have permission to create comments

Since when was I banned from ICAEW websites? And why? Maybe they'd like to let me know.

For the record this is what I would have said:

I welcome this. But as Michael Izza knows, I challenged him to a debate on the issue of tax and transparency this morning. I suggested we debate this motion:

‘This house believes that the ICAEW has a duty to promote tax transparency, country-by-country reporting, the filing of full accounts for all limited liability entities on line anywhere in the world that they are produced and that the full, verified, ownership of all limited liability entities be on public record.’

Warm words, such as those above, are not enough now. Our profession, my profession, is being brought into disrepute by the actions of members working offshore and that is not good enough. And whilst all this happens the value of accounts is diminished because they are hidden from view, which is not where they belong.

Now is the time for the profession to be forging a new role for itself, and for it to hide behind warm words about standards that are very clearly not working.

So I repeat my challenge to debate. Will Michael accept it?