Mandelson has really lost it

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Peter Mandelosn has written in the Sunday Mail, saying:

I believe if [Theresa May] shows flexibility, most of the country will back her.

It would be churlish for people like me and other Remainers not to give her political backing.

There are Labour MPs who want to work in the national interest and will support her if she does the right thing for the country.

Mainstream Labour MPs, who worry about the impact of the continuing Corbyn revolution on centrist voters, should be prepared to stand by the wounded PM, and likewise she should welcome their approach in the national interest.

I think if prove were needed we now know three things.

First, Mandelson has no political judgment left. No one is backing May now.

Second, if there Labour MPs who agree they really do not have a place in that party.

Third, if Mandelson is so frightened of real social democracy then it's time he stopped pretending to have anything whatsoever to do with the left.