For those who think there was a coup I suggest reading this

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This is from Lilian Greenwood.

You may not have heard of her.

She was Shadow Transport Secretary.

And it says why she resigned from the Shadow Cabinet.

I have heard something similar time and again.

I witnessed some of this confusion.

The message is simple: if you can't run the proverbial in a brewery you can't lead a political party.

And if the people who need there to be a compassionate government in the UK are going to get what they require then there has to be someone who can not only organise such an event, but very much more as well.

So please do read it.

And then realise why I have had to say what I wrote here.

I didn't do it for fun. Or to get traffic. Or for attention. Or anything but the desire for a government that can deliver the ideas I have campaigned for. Or something close to them, as I'm a pragmatist who has to always live in hope.

So go on, please read it.